Armed forces

Armed Forces

Henfield Medical Centre is delighted to announce that we have signed the Armed Forces Covenant, which is a promise by the Nation that those who serve or have served and their families are treated fairly.  The AFC is part of the NHS constitution.  In relation to healthcare the Covenant states that the Armed Forces Community should enjoy the same standard of, and access to, healthcare as that received by any other UK citizen in the area they live and that Veterans should receive priority treatment where it relates to a condition that results from their service in the Armed Forces, subject to clinical need.


Henfield Medical Centre has signed the AFC to achieve Bronze level status. We identify Veterans, service personnel and their families through the completion of the New Patient Forms.  This information is then coded and held in the patient’s medical records.  Patients can also be identified during their consultation with clinical staff, this ensures that current registered patients are also identified. 


If you or a family member have ever served in the armed forces please contact the surgery to allow us to update your record to reflect this. 

armed forces