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Escape The Wait

Escape the Wait - Video Transcript

Consult with your GP online. No more waiting to be called. Or waiting for a bus. Or getting stuck in traffic on your way to an appointment. You can now consult with your GP from home or work by visiting your practice website.

Fill out a simple online form about your problem and you'll get a response by the end of the next working day.

There's also a wealth of self-help information about all sorts of conditions so you might be able to resolve an issue without a trip to your surgery. You could also ask for an extension on a fit note or get a prescription sent straight to your local pharmacist.

Take control of your treatment. You can expect better health outcomes through a quicker diagnosis because you may not need to come in for an appointment. And the online form is simple… it asks you the same questions your GP would ask you in a normal face-to-face appointment. But this way you get more time to think about your answers and maybe tell your GP about things you may not want to say in person. So there's…no need to shift your day around.

It's a more convenient way to consult with your GP that fits into your lifestyle because…you can do it anytime, On your home computer, smartphone or tablet and get a response from your doctor by the end of the next working day. Millions of patients across the UK now have access to online consultations so next time you need an appointment with your GP, just visit your practice website at a time that suits you.